Last week my pollen allergies kicked in and destroyed my immune system. I spent my days coughing, sneezing and being a full-time mouth breather. If there is an upside to this time of year, it’s that spring is when things come to life, and that can result in some great scenery.

Always the Rubbish Bin

I didn’t go crazy looking for shots but this tree in my lot was definitely eye catching.

First Shot-00844

It’s a striking scene, but there were a few challenges. The trash bin was in the frame, as well as all the cars in lot. I haven’t been working in Photoshop enough to rid myself of these, so for now I had to change my game. I’ll probably use these photos to learn because the only good shots from the set will need some photo magic.

This was also a cloudy day so even shooting with exposure bracketing on, there was no compensating for the lack of light. Exposure bracketing will set the camera to take three shots,  in three different exposure ranges, every time I click. This is nice if you aren’t sure how bright you want a scene, or don’t understand correct exposure. Sometimes a shot will actually work better under or overexposed in RAW, then edited to a level that looks good, and bracketing makes sure that I get all these possibilities.


Normally I’d shoot black and white on cloudy days, but this kind of ruins the point, which is the starkness of the white against the backdrop.

I shifted angles to get a shot without the trash and cars, but none of these photos where as striking, even in color.

Black and white-00760 Angles-00763


Afterwards I decided to focus on getting some close shots of the flowers. These were nice, but not as cool as the whole scene.

Macro Flowers-00832 Macro Flowers II-00835 Macro Flowers IIII-00841

I messed up the focus on the best shot I took, which was the middle shot, but I played with the clarity and exposure to try and minimize the error.

Also here’s a preview of my new site for! XW MarketMakers.