Previously on Shooting Smoke…

To recap where we are, I started the series by shooting the steam from a cup of tea, them moved on to the humidifier stream. Some difficulties I had where in getting the right shutter speed, getting enough contrast between the smoke and the background, and getting a proper focus.

The last one is probably the toughest because it’s impossible to predict how the wisps will move. I had to focus on an area and hope for the best.

With the humidifier I had a fog pouring out in a slow clump, and I was focusing on the center of the cloud so that the autofocus could pick up on something. I couldn’t focus on the edges of the wisps because the wisps were too thin and fast.

Macros the focus

I did have a few images that I liked using this set up, but for many, the best parts of the photos are in the intricate patterns around the edges of the cloud, and those where never in focus.

So I tried to get macro shots of these edges, and some turned out decent. One was the photo I showed as the preview in last week’s post. I’ve put in a couple more below, but my problem with them is that even if they look cool, it’s hard to find the subject of these images without a strong focus.

Decent Macro Spread 1-00516


Decent Macro Spread 2-00521

Smoke Finale

My last trick was to concentrate the smoke so it shot out in a stream. This way I was able to know where the smoke was going to go, and it helped me get some different types of shots.

Interesting stream 1-00540 Interesting stream 3-00603 Interesting stream 5-00581

I think its safe to conclude at this point because there isn’t much more to the process I had in getting these shots. I’ll be uploading a few more pictures since I have so many but this is it for now.

It was a fun project, but was more macro than I expected, and I really didn’t have the right lens. I do like how some of these images remind of stars and galaxies, created in my kitchen with a flashlight and a humidifier.

I hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reading. Leave a comment or question below and I’ll get back to you!

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