My Amazing Photo

So what’s the next level? There is always more that could be covered in a primer to taking better photos.  Exposure and color balance, for instance, are two other important settings that manual cameras allow you to control. But in terms of good technical photography skills, this is all that you really need to start shooting basically like a pro.

If you can understand and use these three settings in your photography, with practice,  you can be reasonably confident that you will get the image you see in your mind by photographing what is in front of your camera. This is the biggest factor for a beginner. Often times what you see in your head, you don’t know how to get into the photo. Now with the twiddle of a few buttons you’ll be able to get exactly what you want to capture.

Next Level

So what about the iconic photo, how do we create that? After all, everything here has really just been about taking a good photo, or rather, taking the “correct” photo.

For that amazing photo, you only need one more ingredient. Tons and tons of other photos. In many ways, the iconic photos become iconic through sheer luck. That’s why it’s hard for renowned photographer to admit this. But those photographers had one thing in common. They knew how to get the image they saw in front of them to correctly be captured by the film or sensor.

Another question we asked at the start is how does an image speak? Just ask yourself, does it speak to me? Do I feel something when I see this image. All those photos did not become amazing because the photographer thought, “man tons of people would relate to this.” Instead he thought, with his mouse hovering over the delete button, “Actually, something about this image really makes me feel good.” And much to his surprise, it would make many others feel good as well.

In other words not the image that speaks, but you.

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