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Focal Points and Fences

Focal Points and Fences

I’ve talked a bit before about using aperture settings to create the blurry background effects. This post will future some bokeh, but it’s more about choosing the focal…

A PSA, Some HDR and Photomatix

Last time I mentioned that I started using bracketing mode for shooting. In bracketing mode, one snap of the button will take several photos over a range of…

White Tree

White Tree

Last week my pollen allergies kicked in and destroyed my immune system. I spent my days coughing, sneezing and being a full-time mouth breather. If there is an…

Stars in Smoke Finale

Shooting Smoke Part III

Previously on Shooting Smoke… To recap where we are, I started the series by shooting the steam from a cup of tea, them moved on to the humidifier stream….

Smoke II

Shooting Smoke Part II

After shooting the “smoke” from the mug, I realized that I could use the humidifier I had to up the ante. Here’s a look at the setup I used….

Smoke Photography

Shooting Smoke Part I

Don’t be fooled by the feature image. This is not the clichéd mug of tea shot, and this series will not be about shooting warm beverages. As the…

Seeing Through Photographs

Seeing Through Photographs: Free MoMA Course

As I was procrastinating on reddit the other day I found a course submitted by /u/damaso21 called “Seeing Through Photographs.” It’s a series presented by the Museum of Modern Art’s…

Photography rights

Know Your Photography Rights

The very first time that I went shooting around town I got confronted by an overzealous shop owner. I had taken a couple shots of his store sign…

mirrorless vs dslr

Mirrorless vs DSLR Part II: 10 Reasons to Go Mirrorless

Part one of our mirrorless vs DSLR series covered ten reasons you should go with a DSLR camera. Now we’ll give ten reasons to go with a mirrorless….

Mirrorless vs DSLR

Mirrorless vs DSLR Part I: 10 Reason to Get a DSLR

Mirrorless vs DSLR: A non-zealot’s approach In my first post, I jumped right into the thick of the mirrorless vs DSLR camera debate. I showed the thought-process that led me to…

Next Level

How to Take Great Photos Part VII: The Next Level

My Amazing Photo So what’s the next level? There is always more that could be covered in a primer to taking better photos.  Exposure and color balance, for instance, are…

Composition in art

How to Take Great Photos Part VI: Intro to Photo Composition

Putting it all together: Composition You could write a book about composition. It could go into art history, human psychology and voodoo magic. In later posts, I will…

Over ISO

How to Take Great Photos Part V: What is ISO?

The final setting of the three main light controls is ISO. (Pronounce it how you like, it’s not important) ISO is the setting that controls the camera sensor’s…

Aperture Sizes

How to Take Great Photos Part IV: What is Aperture?

Aperture Aperture is a strange word for the size of your shutter hole while its taking a photo. The larger the opening, the more light will be captured….

How to Take Great Photos Part III: What is Shutter Speed?

Shutter Speed Shutter speed is the time that the shutter stays open while capturing the image.  Your camera, if it has a shutter speed option, will display fast…

Manual Stick

How to Take Great Photos Part II: Why Manual?

Manual Mode Most professional photographers shoot in some form of manual mode. The reason for shooting in manual is the same as the reason for driving in stick….

Great Photos

How to Take Great Photos Part I: Manual 101

Manual 101 This will be series of posts for people who have begun learning about photography and have asked themselves the question, “what really makes a great photo?”…

Lots of Colorful Prime and Zoom Lens Options

How to Get Your First Lens Part II: Zoom vs. Prime

Intro to Prime Lenses Any lens that has a range of lengths is a zoom lens. This means that you can shoot at any focal length in the…

A Man with his First Lens

How to Get Your First Lens Part I: Focal Lengths

Getting the first lens for your camera system is a challenging process for beginners. The cost of a lens is so high that you don’t want to get…

Image of Two Sony a6000

Sony a6000 First Impressions

Now that I’ve owned the Sony a6000 for about month, I thought I’d put down some of my first impressions. I’ll mostly describe the things that I’ve experienced instead…

Mirrorless Camera or DSLR

Why I Went Mirrorless for My First “DSLR”

First, the disclaimer. I’m not a camera expert. Like you, I decided one day that I enjoyed photography enough to go from cellphone hip-shooter to DSLR wielder. So I…